Mechanic In Bonnet of Car

Volvo Servicing & MOT’s


We have 30 years of Volvo experience and appreciate the superb quality that Volvo cars have to offer. Our team of fully trained technicians operate in a professional and efficient manner totally committed to the Volvo product. We are always on hand for free advice without obligation.


  • Volvo Car Uk Accredited Master Technician.
  • Expert servicing by highly qualified and experienced technicians.
  • Vast knowledge of both old and new models.
  • Enthusiastic staff happy to deal with any complex or technical problems.
  • Latest Volvo diagnostic techniques and software downloads using VIDA.
  • Complete confidence in the latest technical systems.
  • MOT’s
  • Free Courtesy Cars
  • Excellent value for money offering the same warranty-protecting service as main dealers but at much lower prices.